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Following the huge success of the first edition, the NFT World Cup 2023 returns, and we are excited to announce that we will co-host it during the NFT World Cup.

A dedicated gaming arena will be set up, so our attendees will be able to join the tournament for free, bringing the competition to another level.

With 32 diverse NFT projects in the lineup, the NFT World Cup offers an amazing competition where Web3 communities can engage in thrilling fighting games and captivating social quests. The best part? As the rounds progress, the prize pool will be used to sweep the floors of the projects, redistributing those NFTs as reward to the players based on their performance.

The hybrid nature of this tournament brought astounding numbers in terms of engagement during its first edition: 200k game sessions, 3k players, and 9.5k Tweets. And now, for the upcoming event, we have the support of esteemed names like Polygon, DappRadar, Zeneca, and many others!

Thanks to Intraverse, all NFT avatars come to life, transforming partner projects into playable characters for the fighting game. Mark your calendars for 27th August 2023 when the NFT World Cup kicks off. If your games, collections, or projects wish to participate in the next edition, simply apply through the provided form.

Joining the competition is so easy: as soon as the event launches, anyone can participate. Select one of the 32 available avatars and earn points to strive for victory. For the extra competitive players who own the NFT from the project they play as in the game, multipliers will boost their scores.

The main game features a “Street-fighter” style gameplay, where players choose their avatars and engage in thrilling 1vs1 battles. PvP and PvE game-modes are available, and each player’s victories contribute to the score of the project related to their chosen avatar. For a full breakdown of the rules, check out this link!

Beyond the battles, participants can boost their scores through the Social Score System, with quests available to earn additional points.

The event commences on 27th August 2023, with alternating days of fighting and social activities. During the break days, winning projects and communities can strategize, form alliances, gaming guilds, or launch social media campaigns to advance to the next round.

Are you part of an NFT project? Don’t miss the chance to be featured in the NFT World Cup! Collections and games can apply to join the competition by clicking on the provided link.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to be part of the action, leave your mark in the NFT community, and earn your favorite NFTs.

We will see you on the battlefield!