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1. Open the MyLugano app

2. Take or upload a photo

3. Create an NFT

4. Send it to the contest using this QR-Code

Or send to: 




50.000 LVGA + Punkt. MC02 Secure Phone + Official Closing Party


Punkt. Product + NFT Fest Official Closing Party


Punkt. Product + NFT Fest Official Closing Party


Punkt. Product + NFT Fest Official Closing Party


Punkt. Product + NFT Fest Official Closing Party


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Take a photo of Lugano that you don’t expect. Transform your snapshot into an NFT within the MyLugano app. Send the NFT to our address to participate in the competition. The three best NFTs will be awarded during the NFT Fest event on June 14-15. Up for grabs are LVGA vouchers and the chance to participate in exclusive events.

1. Organizers
The “Lugano Unexpected” photography competition is organized by the city of Lugano and the NFT fest organizing ommittee. The competition will take place from 8 to 14 June 2024.

2. Participation
Participation is open to everyone, both amateur and professional photographers. Participation is free.

3. Theme and Requirements
Download and create a profile within the MyLugano app The theme of the competition is “Lugano Unexpected”, or rather the Lugano you don’t expect. The NFTs containing the photo/image must be created in the app during the competition period in Lugano. Each participant can submit a maximum of 10 NFTs/images, in case of multiple submissions from the same address the first 10 will be taken into consideration.

4. Type of Images
The images can be in color or black and white and can have been created with any technology, camera, photo editing programs, or AI. Photographs must have a minimum size of 1600 pixels on the short side.

5. Sending and creating Images
Enter the “NFT” section and click on “Create”. Snap or upload your own image and create your own NFT. To participate in the competition send the NFT to the address 0x70a8110dcf501f6024b88afcf7f233251b86e4df
The deadline for submitting photographs is June 14, 2024.

6. Image Rights
The rights to the images remain the property of the authors. The competition organizers will have the right to use and publish the photographs on their media and social channels. The NFTs of the photographs will be returned to participants in a reasonable time after the end of the competition. Images must respect the right to privacy of the subjects depicted. In the case of portrayed people, the author must obtain the written consent of the person concerned and, if requested, must be able to produce it. Failure to comply with this obligation entails the legal responsibility of the author for non-compliance with the Swiss law on the protection of sensitive personal data.

7. Jury and Evaluation
A qualified jury will evaluate the works. The jury will be made up of photography and art experts. The decisions of the jury are unquestionable and unappealable. The winners will be announced during the NFT Fest in Lugano on 15 June 2024 and publicized in the media.

8. Rewards
Prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers:

1st place: 50.000 LVGA + Official Closing Party
2nd place: Official Closing Party
3rd place: Official Closing Party
4rd place: Official Closing Party
5rd place: Official Closing Party

The prizes will be sent to the participant’s address within a reasonable time after the announcement.

9. Final Provisions
Participation in the competition implies acceptance of these regulations.

10. Information
For questions or clarifications, contact the organization at the email address: [email protected].
1. Use the MyLugano App to create your NFT
2. Send your NFT only the official address in the Qr-Code
3. In the case of multiple submissions, only the first submission will be taken into consideration
4. Images against morality will not be accepted
5. When sending the NFT, user data will also be sent for identification in case of winning
6. The winners will be announced after June 14th on this site